M.U.S.T. values third party input as an important external quality resource. Invited external members of renowned scholars, business leaders and professionals serve as advisors on Advisory Board/Committees at university and faculty levels. High profile scholars or researchers from prestigious national or overseas institutions are invited to chair Academic Committees for major research institutes. 

Advisory Committee/Board holds annual meetings for the university and its academic units to report, and solicit comments, advice and suggestions on the quality of academic planning and management, and the development of academic programs and research endeavors. Visiting professors and honorary doctorate recipients provide evaluation and academic advices on the enhancement of QAE at the university.  

Appointment of external examiners for postgraduate students’ thesis or dissertation supervision and oral defense to ensure the quality of postgraduate education, and of external specialists or experts from regional or overseas universities for several university committees to maintain the fairness and quality of QA function being taken by the committees.