The Academic Governance Structure of Macau University of Science and Technology (M.U.S.T.)


Faculty Committees report to higher-level academic bodies such as the Teaching and Learning Assessment Committee (TLAC) / Graduate Committee (GC), Senate, and University Council. TLAC / GC functions on the principle of ensuring the highest possible quality of teaching, learning and assessment throughout the University, in a collegial and supportive spirit and to fulfill the mission of the University. TLAC will discuss and resolve issues regarding planning and management of teaching activities for undergraduate programs, such as curriculum and program review, pedagogy reform, regulations for teaching and learning activities, assessment methods or criteria, etc. GC has similar functions with respect to postgraduate programs. Proposals from faculties are reviewed by TLAC / GC and upon endorsement, they will be presented for approval of the Senate which is the highest academic authority in the University. Ultimately, the University Council, as the highest governing body, oversees the entire academic governance structure and ensures alignment with the University's strategic goals and mission. This hierarchical system of reporting helps to maintain accountability, transparency, and consistency in academic decision-making processes within the University.