We are committed to fostering open communication and providing avenues for students to express their concerns, seek information, and contribute to the continuous improvement of our University. We have established various channels and mechanisms to facilitate effective communication, gather feedback, and address any issues of concern.

image.pngFacilitating Communication and Feedback

We recognize the importance of providing students with accessible and reliable channels to enquire, feedback, complain or appeal issues of concern.  Various platforms and mechanisms are thus set up throughout  the University to ensure effective communication and gather students' opinions and suggestions on teaching, research, campus facility services, and management. Regular communication between students and mentors, as well as participation in meetings, is encouraged to foster an open dialogue. Additionally, counseling services and seminars are provided to promote exchanges between teachers and students. The WeMUST platform allows students to conveniently submit feedback, while teaching evaluations provide valuable insights into their learning experiences or concerns with teaching. Teacher-student consultation meetings and mentorship systems further facilitate communication and open discussions. In addition, student surveys are also carried out to systematically collect opinions and comments from students about their learning experiences, resources and support, campus life, satisfaction, etc. and such data will be analyzed to identify areas for attention and enhancement.  All these are designed to collect valuable information that helps us better understand and address student needs.

image.pngHandling Complaints and Appeals

In order to safeguard students' rights, we have established comprehensive mechanisms for students to complain or appeal. These mechanisms ensure that students' concerns are taken seriously and addressed in a fair and timely manner. Channels and procedures are stated in the Student Handbook and also communicated to students upon their admission to the University. To ensure fairness and transparency, the University has various committees in place to handle different kinds of complaints or appeals to make sure the interest of the students is not jeopardized.

image.pngAnalysis and Continuous Improvement

In our pursuit of continuous improvement, the Quality Assurance Office collects and analyzes reports on student complaints and appeals from teaching units and departments involved in student services at the end of each academic year. These reports include data and comments that are carefully integrated and analyzed. The insights gained from this analysis are instrumental in making informed decisions and implementing actions to enhance teaching quality and student services across the University.