The University provides students with a wide range of resources and support in their academic journey, striving for the best university life experiences of our students.  We have the WeMUST platform offering numerous applications and functions for the enhancement of internal communication and on-line solutions to facilitate teaching, learning, research and institutional administration, as well as the provision of convenient on-line campus services for faculty, staff and students.  Academic resources include the University Library, computer laboratories, research facilities, mentorship schemes, etc.  supporting student's learning and academic activities.  Student service and support are provided by different units of the University, especially the Student Affairs Office and the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Career Planning.  To enrich the University life of our students, the University will encourage and support students to actively participate in professional competitions and in extra-curricular activities to develop organizational skills, improve social and cognitive abilities, and broaden their knowledge span.  Students are also encouraged to join the Art Troupe which has become a brand of the art and culture of the University and offers students a stage to showcase their artistic talent.  We all work together aiming to provide a supportive and rich campus life for our students.